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2020 Sherwood Bass Club Rule Changes

All tournaments are safe light to 3:00 pm, except the July and August tournaments. July and August tournaments will be safe light to 1:00 pm. 

You must fish either the February or March tournament to get the $30 membership. We will not accept membership money or entry fees for later tournaments in February or March. Starting in April, the membership fee will be raised an additional $30 per month on an accumulative basis through the end of the season. Membership fee by months - February - $30, March - $30, April - $60, May - $90, June - $120, July - $150, August - $180, September - $210. 

​The Tournament pay out will 70/30.

​Any and all ties will split the money of any and all tied places. 

​Anglers will be allowed to use their own bags, but must monitor the amount of people in the weigh in line. A longer than expected weigh in line will not excuse dead fish.

Teams are allowed 1 tournament buy in before the September Tournament. Buy in money will go straight to the classic.

Lake Dardanelle will be considered a river location only.

​Teams are allowed a Youth Substitution for any tournament through the year, excluding the classic. A Youth Substitute is defined as any youth angler that has not graduated or has just graduated but not started college the fall after graduation. Upon Graduation from the 12th grade or starting college in August the youth angler will no longer qualify as a Youth Substitute.

2 Day Classic Format: All teams that fish 5 of the 8 tournaments will qualify. Day one will pay each team’s weight by the ounce. Day one Big Bass will pay 10% of the Classic entry. The Top 10 teams in total weight for the year at the conclusion of the September tournament will qualify to fish the 2nd Day of the Classic. That means they are predetermined before the start of the Classic. These Ten teams will carry over their weights from the 1st Day. They will also be paid by the ounce for their 1st Day weight, like all qualified anglers. The combined weights of both days will determine the Classic winners. Payout for the 2nd Day will be as follows: 1st - $1000, 2nd - $600, 3rd - $400, 4th - $200. Big Bass of the 2nd Day will pay $100.

​A-Rigs are not allowed in Sherwood Bass Club tournaments. Type your paragraph here.


The 2018 Rules and Schedule are now posted

The entry table will be closing at 6:15am this Saturday at Ouachita. All boats need to be in the water by 6:30am. The lake is 6 feet low and a lot of structure is out of the water. Please use caution when running off the main channels. Good Luck and see everyone at the ramp!!

With heavy hearts filled with sorrow, the Sherwood Bass Club would like to offer our deepest and most sincere condolences to the family of Alan Petlak. May Alan now find, the spot of all spots, on the lake of all lakes, in the presence of our Heavenly Father.

We will miss you Alan!

We are pleased to announce that Sherwood Bass Club will participate in the Arkansas Angler of the Year Tournament Series hosted by Fish'N Stuff. For more information see the Fish'N Stuff website.


​I have created a notification group for the Sherwood Bass Club for the upcoming season. It will allow us to send out notifications without a big hassle. The notifications will come to your cell phone via text, not a phone call. 
Text @cfkag to 81010.

It does not cost you anything.

Rony Jones,
Vice President

The following officers were elected at the 2019 Sherwood Bass Club Fall Meeting:

President: Ron Plate
Vice President: Rony Jones
Treasurer: Robbie Walker
Tournament Director: Chuck Wisdom
Officer: Brad Patterson

New rule changes 

The proposed and approved 2020 schedule is posted on the Home screen.