Big News from H2O Sportz and Marine!!

Just announced for the 2017 Sherwood Bass Club Season. 

H2O Sportz and Marine will be cranking it up!!!

Anyone that has purchased a new or used 2014 - 2017 Basscat or Phoenix from H2O Sportz and Marine will receive a $500 bonus, if they win 1st place in any of the Sherwood Bass Club events in 2017. You must be fishing out of the boat you purchased from H2O Sportz and Marine the day you get 1st place to qualify for the bonus.

​Sportz & Marine​

​Throw in the fact that Sherwood Bass Club Members already get parts for cost plus 10% and you got yourself a great place to buy a new boat or keep one running at tip top performance!!
* Parts for cost plus 10% does not include labor




February 18th


Crystal Springs

March 18th

Ar River @ Pine Bluff

Regional Park

April 15th

Greers Ferry

Hill Creek

May 20th



June 17th


Illinois Bayou Park

July 15th

Ar River @ Redfield

Tar Camp

August 19th

Ar River @ Sweeden Island 

Old Post

September 16th

Ar River @ Maumelle

Maumelle Park

October 14th



​​*All Ramps are subject to change based on permits

​*All teams need to be in the water 15 minutes prior to safe light. This way we can start on time and give all the anglers a full day of fishing.

​2017 Sherwood Bass Club Schedule

July Ramp 

!st H2O Sportz & Marine Winners of the Year

Rob Stone and Terry Whitworth 

1. Rob Stone & Terry Whitworth60.48
2. Rob Walker & Rony Jones

3. Jack Wood & David Hargett


4. Lin Burnett & Tom Burnett


5. Byron Gavin & Brandon Gavin49.94
6. Jonathan Evans & Kenny Baugh49.44
7. Matt Butler & Chad Pitts47.73
8. Ron Plate & Nick Mitchell47.04
9. Brad Patterson & Jason Scoggins41.63
10. Marty Stauber & Mike Harris40.78

Lake Dardanelle Results

​28 boats fished the 5th tournament of the season at Lake DarDanelle.  Most folks didn’t know what to expect after this lake had been fished a lot the last few weeks due to high water on the river.  But when the tournament was over, most folks felt the lake fished ok. The winning team for this tournament was the team of Quincy Houchins and Todd Christian with a weight of 16.26 lbs.

1st Place went to Quincy Houchins and Todd Christian, they said they caught their fish on frogs and their weight was 16.26 lbs. (Pic160055)

2th Place went to Steve Howard with a weight of 15.84 lbs.  Steve said he caught his fish on jigs and spinnerbaits. (pic 160029) Steve also has big bass of 5.58 lbs.

3rd Place was the team of Ward Gardner and Jerry Williams.  They caught their fish on Jigs and chatterbaits.  Their weight was 15.25 lbs.


Balance of the top ten were:

4. Rob Walker-Rony Jones                         14.41 lbs
5. Lin and Tom Burnett                              13.69 lbs
6.Brad Patterson                                        13.26 lbs
7. Ron Plate-Nick Mitchell                      12.56 lbs
8. Rob Stone-Terry Whitworth                 12.35 lbs
9.Hoyt Akins-Doug Thompson                   12.03 lbs.
10. Nathann Howell-Chuck Widsom          11.79 lbs


We would like to thank our out of the money sponsors for this tournament” FishNStuff, Southern Reel, Zimmerman’s Sports Center, JJ’s Magic, Rod Glove, Penegrine 250, and Mustad Hooks.​

 Team of the Year Top 10

​​​​​​Sherwood Bass Club